Friday, August 19, 2011

Visualize Google search results with Clojure

One question that I always get asked when I introduce Clojure to my programmer friends is about its strength. While there are so much about Clojure that a programmer can benefit from, I always tend to single out one thing about it - powerful sequence processing. It shines when you are faced with solving any problem related to data processing. Rather than just talking how great it is to manipulate and analyze data, I actually created a project that I called gcount that shows Google search results in a bar chart. Here is the source: You can just clone it like this: git clone Then you can run lein deps in gcount directory to pull all dependencies. When it is done, just evaluate core.clj file from the REPL and run: gcount.core> (search-view-terms ["Functional programming" "Object oriented programming" "Functional Object oriented programming"]) You will see following chart:
Next time when you need to show your friend how popular a particular term is, just show him/her this chart. Then you will have curious questions about how it is done and more about Clojure. Enjoy!

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