Monday, October 5, 2009

Best Note Taking Tools

In line with the spirit of why I started this blog, I would like to provide my take on following note taking tools and provide my biased verdict at the end.
  1. Google Note : This is your friend to collect any text clips from the web. You select a text and click on Google Note Bookmarklet and magically it will be saved on you Google note. If you use iPhone or iPod touch, you can sync view it offline with apps like Byline.
  2. Ever Note: You would like this one if you have take notes from web and offline and sync across multiple computers. It has a free iPhone app that does much more than text notes.
  3. My Writing Nook: It is a very simple writing tool works on any browser and it uses Google account. All you need is a browser to start writing. It also has an iPhone app that syncs your notes.
My verdict is My Writing Nook. Because it follows KISS principle and let you focus on what you want - Writing, without being a mind boggling tool. Here is the link:

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