Friday, October 2, 2009

Over all these years of Software development, I came to really value the KISS principle, as the name of the blog suggests. Keeping up with a good programmer tradition of learning a new language every year, my journey took me from Ruby -> Groovy ->Now Scala. I used both Ruby and Groovy for rapid prototyping and where I feel it simplifies things that I am working on. Since I started to wonder in the Scala world, I started to feel strongly that Scala have chosen me over other of my favorites namely Ruby and Groovy, which by the way I still use and love. Writing programs in Scala feels so natural to me now that I really wish it is the only language that I work with. There are lots of Scala tutorials on the web and I won't be starting one. I recently came across an interesting site that talks about 99 things in Scala( Most of problems has solutions in more than one way, which prompted me to blog about writing one and only one simple way of solving them. I will gradually work my way with them as my schedule allows me. Without much rant, here is the simple solution to first problem:
P1: Find the last element of a list

A: scala> List(1,2,3,4,5).last
res0: Int = 5

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